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The existence of Eva Braun - Adolf Hitler's mistress for more than 12 years and, in the end, his wife - was one of the most successfully guarded secrets of Nazi Germany.

According to Hitler's chauffeur Erich Kempka Eva Braun was "the unhappiest woman in Germany. She spent most of her time waiting for Hitler."
He had always kept her out of sight - as soon as guests arrived, he almost invariably banished her to her room. Joachim Fest tells in his biography of Hitler how Eva Braun continued to be kept in semi concealment during the years, stealing in by side entrances and using rear staircases, contenting herself with a photograph of Hitler when he left her alone at mealtimes. But gradually she accepted her frustrating role - content to be sole woman companion of the great man.

Hitler's personal valet, Heinz Linge, later recalled how the staff used to call her the "girl in a gilded cage". But Hitler became genuinely fond of Eva and found relaxation in her company. "Fraulein Braun is a young girl," Hitler once said to Linge, "too young to be the wife of one in my position. But she is the only girl for me. So we live as we do. But one day I shall give up the leadership of the Reich. I shall cease to be the Fuhrer and retire to Linz to a house that can be managed by a small staff. Then I will marry Fraulein Braun ..."

Eva Braun

Eva Braun was born the middle of three sisters into a Catholic family on 6 February 1912 - three lively, pretty girls. She was educated at a lyceum, then for one year at a business school in a convent where she had average grades and a talent for athletics.

Fresh out of the convent school Eva Braun, at 17, met Adolf Hitler the first time when she was working in Munich in 1929 as the assistant of Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. From the moment Hitler walked into the shop, she was in love.

In a letter to her sister Gretl Eva Braun later wrote about the meeting:

"I had stayed after closing time to straighten up several things and was standing on the ladder putting something away on the top shelf. Then I heard the door open and saw the boss come in with a somewhat older man carrying a felt hat in his hand. I tried to watch them without their noticing ... 

When I came down off the ladder the boss introduced us. He said: Mr. Wolff, this is our little Miss Eva. Then Hoffmann sent me out to get some beer and sausages from the corner pub."

Adolf Hitler

Hitler soon became attracted to the young woman and began showing her little favors and courtesies. And she was much more than a dumb blonde interested in movie stars, horoscopes and clothes ...

She described him to friends as a "gentleman of a certain age with a funny moustache, a light-colored English overcoat, and carrying a big felt hat." In 1931 the 19-year-old Eva wrote a letter to the Nazi Führer:

"Dear Mr. Hitler, I would like to thank you for the pleasant evening at the theater. It was unforgettable. I shall always be grateful for your friendship. I count the hours until the moment when we shall meet again ..."

Sketch of Eva Braun
made by Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun soon agreed to follow Hitler to his mountain retreat in the alps. Their attraction was immediate, and over the objection of her lower-middle-class Bavarian parents, she became his mistress.

For the next sixteen years, she lived in luxury as millions suffered and died at the hands of her 'Wulf'.

- Louis Bülow








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